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After an insane sunbutter craze I have decided that it is absolutely… - It's getting hard to be someone [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 26th, 2005|04:40 pm]
After an insane sunbutter craze I have decided that it is absolutely necessary to brave the cold (which, btw, I am still SO BLOODY DISTRESSED about) and go running, seeing as I haven't gotten the slightest bit of exercise (aside from walking from Cinema 5 to Green Bowl yesterday...man oh man) since this exact time last week.

I've been eating more than normal lately too, and yet I weighed myself earlier this morning to find that I lost three pounds. Now how does that work?

Anyway, I also decided that it wasn't the smartest thing to go running directly after bunches and bunches of snacking, so I needed something nice and quick to occupy me for a few minutes.

And so here I am, with nothing else to say really except for that quite lengthy introduction.

Life has been pretty good lately. Yeah. Nothing too stressful happening in my life now that all the tests are over. I've actually been practicing as much as I should be for once, and still having time to do other fun things too.

Easter's tomorrow. UU goodness, then lunch/dinner at the twins'. Should be fun.

Got 25 dollars in an Easter card from my grandparents as well. Quite nice indeed.

And now I suppose that was long enough for my food to settle...gah, I really don't feel like running, but whatever...ttyl.