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I had to do the dishes after dinner, so I decided to play some of the… - It's getting hard to be someone [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 6th, 2005|12:37 am]
I had to do the dishes after dinner, so I decided to play some of the Count Basie stuff that I downloaded as I worked, and that got me all in a jazz-y sort of mood again. And then I downloaded some Gary Burton (vibraphonist) stuff that was amazingly awesome. Made me wanna go and play my marimba asap.

Which the Count Basie definitely didn't do, even though he is an amazingly awesome piano player.

That's one thing I definitely learned from camp a couple weeks ago, right there. Watching all of the amazing piano people, in both jazz and classical...I just couldn't see myself doing that. At all. Ever.

But watching one of the counselors play marimba at the faculty recital...I could TOTALLY see myself doing that. In fact, I wasn't nearly as impressed with him as a lot of other people seemed to be, probably just because I've been exposed to the marimba more than most of them.

It was actually kind of interesting. I was googling xylophone rags tonight, and a lot of college audition requirement sites came up. And they were listing some recommended audition repitoire, and I had already played some of it before.

Not as well as would be actually required for an audition, I'm sure, and only, like, two songs. But still. It was kinda cool.

Back at music camp, I remember being all overwhelmed and stresse out with all of the piano stuff, and I'd be walking around the floor with all the percussion stuff to get to a masterclass or something, and I'd see the signs on some of the doors: "Musser 4 1/3", "Yamaha 5 Octave", stuff like that. Meaning that those were the rooms dedicated to the marimba inside.

And I would just look at the doors and be like, "Now that's where I wanna be."

It's seriously been so long since I played on an actual full-size quality marimba. Which, trust me, is really an experience like no other...so amazing, how it just kind of eats you alive. It's so huge and rich and beautiful...ahh I love it.

Know what else I love?

My brand new marching xylophone!

At sectional Lenaway said I could make up a mallet part to the cadence, so I've been trying to track down some percussion features that include mallet parts to listen to lately...which is actually ridiculously hard to do. But I did get this one guy to send me his high school's cadence...it's fricken awesome.

So I listened to it a lot, and then I listened to our cadence...and I was definitely hearing mallet parts playing along with it that definitely weren't there in reality.

Now I just have to try and transcribe them. God I wish I had a better ear.

From googling xylophone rags I also found this one called "Dill Pickles Rag" (Found at http://audio45.archive.org/1/audio/WilliamHReitz/WilliamHReitz-DillPicklesRagXylophoneSolo.mp3 if anyone cares). It was actually the only xylophone rag I've found so far that I could actually listen to for free...Limewire's not a big fan of ragtime I guess. :((

But anyway, I decided that I want to learn to play that, so I decided to try and transcribe it. It was actually pretty comical, me trying to get my marimba from my living room into the computer room...all the tight squeezes...and a wheel fell off.

But then I got Dad to help me. And all was well.

And the song actually was a pretty good one to try and transcribe, because a lot of it was just made up of arpeggios (well...at least I think it was...I'm still pretty new to this whole concept). I still need to tweak it a lot though.

And I wish I could find a way to slow it down. I know of stuff you can download to slow down tracks off of CDs, but I don't think it works for mp3's.

Oh well. I may use the slow downer thing for some Gary Burton stuff tomorrow. We'll see.

[User Picture]From: smurfettesaysfu
2005-08-14 03:14 am (UTC)
hey emily,
that sounds awesome. i really want to go to music camp now! you've got me in the buzz! and also, your transcribing is great! kudos to lenaway for letting you make a mallet part.


ps. mband is awesome huh?!
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From: ladydaewen
2005-10-22 12:10 am (UTC)
The City of Truth has opened its eyes again, at least for a while...Come and share your thoughts...
...In case you forgot...


~Lady Daewen
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